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Command line arguments needed to enable Visual Studio post-build events

Aug 4, 2013 at 3:52 PM
Edited Aug 4, 2013 at 4:02 PM
Hi, your Confuser is very helpful, but in my case is limited by the lack of the command line arguments as it was in previous versions.
I read all the discussions and issues and I did not find an appropriate topic so I am opening this new one.

I work in a team and the hardcoded assembly path and output path in the .crproj are not compatible with the different environments of different team members.

If Confuser had the command line arguments, I could use the Visual Studio macros to set the path in my project properties, as this:

"$(SolutionDir)packages\Confuser.1.9\Confuser.Console.exe" -assembly $(SolutionDir)\projects\myProject\bin\release\myProjectDll.dll -config $(SolutionDir)packages\Confuser.1.9\configs\myProjectConfuserConfig.crproj"

In this case I could save this post-build event command line in my project Properties and I could version-control it so every team member can build the latest obfuscated version of the dll.

Are there any ways to do that (without changing the .crproj xml by hand or by code) or I can hope in the re-introduction of command line arguments?

Thanks indeed for you good work.

EDIT: lol, I did not find this before

ok, I found it in the latest 78377 build. thanks so much.