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The Confuser Project (*.crproj) is a xml document.
Here is an example:
<project outputDir="D:\Program Files\Paint.NET\Confused" snKey="" preset="none" xmlns="">
  <settings name="common" preset="aggressive">
  <settings name="excludeRename">
    <confusion id="rename" action="remove"/>
  <assembly path="D:\Program Files\Paint.NET\PaintDotNet.Core.dll">
    <config id="common" applytomembers="true"/>
    <module name="PaintDotNet.Core.dll">
      <type fullname="PaintDotNet.IndirectUI.PropertyControl">
        <member sig="String Description" type="property">
          <config id="excludeRename" inherit="true"/>
        <member sig="String DisplayName" type="property">
          <config id="excludeRename" inherit="true"/>

For the detail format, please refer to the Confuser.Core/ConfuserPrj.xsd schema in the source code.

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