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MSI : dependencies for the object X.exe cannot be determined when obfuscated

Dec 21, 2012 at 6:47 AM

When building a .MSI via visual studio (2010)

An error occurred while validating.  HRESULT = '80131124' MSI.vdproj MSIUnable to update the dependencies of the project.The dependencies for the object 'Project.exe' cannot be determined. MSI.vdproj

Seems that this is something to do with code protection maybe IL related. But very visual studio related also. I updated the VS2010 to SP1 and the patch for build errors.  In the end I had to upgrade to the Install Shield LE that comes free.  It added the obfuscated .exe fine then.  Only bad thing is you cannot use commit, etc actions.  They want you to upgrade.